Do You Know Who You Are Dealing With?

by Kat Tidd on June 24, 2010

Lately some franchise and business opportunities seem to be more like a lot of the mystery business web sites on the Internet. Can you tell who you are dealing with? Let’s start with the company. Where is it located? State and city? Can you even tell what country? Is it a corporation or an LLC?

Even more importantly who are the people? Running the business? Who are the decision makers? Is this a real biz or are they operating on smoke and a pretty web site? Is there a president of the company? A name and a face of the founder. Is the staff real? Is support and assistance really available? how long has the business been operating? How many names of real people?

Sad to say but there are also a number of mystery franchise services firms and websites out there that raise these questions as well. Who are the experts they claim? Any names? Bios? Where are they actually performing their services?

Bottom line: Give no one money and sign nothing without knowing who is taking it and ensuring that their part of the bargain is kept.

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